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Calculate Your Distance

How to calculate your distance:
1. Go to google maps and type in the search bar: MURWILLUMBAH CYCLES --> hit enter
 Alternatively use this link:
2.  'Choose Direction or click on the map of your address/stay e.g. 'Cabarita Beach Cycles' and hit enter
Enter your address or click on the map for delivery/drop-off of bikes
  • Max of 5 bikes per 1x Delivery and/or Pickup fee. Please add your delivery and/or drop-off fee once only. The fees can be added to any of the hired bike(s).   
"Round your result up or down to the nearest road travel distance to pick from as following:
If your result is e.g.:  21.0 kilometer please pick the delivery option for 20 kilometer since it is the closest to 20
If you are not sure please ask us on our web what your road travel distance will be.
We are happy to help!